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On this Saturday night for those aged 8-11 – don’t miss it!

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Patrician Youth Centre
Programme Info

Hairdressing & Beauty
Tuesday Night 7-9pm (all term)
Learn about various Hairdressing Techniques and Beauty Therapies
Just come along any Tuesday night. Open to all aged Year 8 +

Drama – Pantomime
Tuesday 8-11 Year Olds: 7-830pm
Year 8+ – 8.30-10pm and
Wednesday 7-10pm for Year 8+
Sign up and participate in our annual production. Singing/Dancing/Acting
Come in Tuesday 23 or Wednesday 24 September.

The Award Programme
Thursday 7-9pm
Sign up for The Duke of Edinburgh or President’s Award. Complete Bronze or Silver level
Registration open until 9th October

Drugs & Alcohol Awareness Programme
Tuesday Nights 7-8.15pm (six weeks)
Learn about the impact of alcohol and drugs in the community
Commences early October – call in and sign up – see John Trainor

Pool League
Tuesday Nights 7-9pm
Club pool league to find the master of pool in the PYC
Come along any Tuesday night and see Mathew Johnston

Table Tennis Club
Tuesday Night 7-8pm
Learn how to play this fast-paced and skilled game
Come along any Tuesday night – see Mark Smyth

Chefs Programme
Wednesday night 8-10pm
Learn how to make some super cool dishes from start to finish and eating too
Call in early October and sign up

Music Tuition (Saxophone)
Thursday Night 8-9pm
Learn how to play this instrument with 1-on-1 tuition
Contact Centre asap – places limited

Specialist Drama Production
Wednesday evening
A new drama programme delivering a specially written script in the Lyric Theatre Belfast
Call in and speak to centre staff by mid October

CRED Programme –Lisburn
Thursday nights – various times (depends on Activities)
A programme meeting other young people from Lisburn.
Aged 9-11 – call in and speak to staff by latest early October

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Members are working hard to become budding film makers – participating in a film making competition. The five minute composition doesn’t have a name yet but will focus on the theme of integration into mainstream youth activities for young people with autism.

Good luck with the film making guys and we look forward to seeing the end product!

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Fifteen members of Patrician Youth Centre, Downpatrick are participating in a project with counterparts from Froige in Drogheda to tackle the important issue of racism, sectarianism and differences in general within our society.

The groups have previously completed an exchange programme with their Drogheda friends that was activity based and this is a natural progression to an issue-based project.

The group met recently in Carlingford and started the process of producing and informational leaflet that will be distributed around the schools in the local areas of Downpatrick and Drogheda.

This is a young person led project and they will decide the content and will produce all the information in it with guidance form Youth Workers.

Commenting group member Michael McManus, 15, said ‘This is a project being undertaken by a group of members about the issue of racism, sectarianism and difference in general.

We are undertaking our project with a group from Drogheda and we met recently for a weekend of activities to get to know our friends before we begin our work.

We will be producing a booklet for local schools and this is a good way for us, as a group of young people, to learn about important issues but also to help teach other people our age about the matter as well.

I like the idea that we can learn about issues in a fun way but also get weekends away and get to go to the cinema, do outdoor laser tag and other fun activities. It is also good that we do it with others from a different town – because it means we get to make new friends as well’

The programme will run between now and Christmas and the group hope to have official launches of the booklet in both Drogheda and Downpatrick over a weekend in November.

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Well done to all our staff members who competed their PIPS mental health training recently which focussed on suicide awareness.

It’s good to know the staff team are aware of this important matter.

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Well done to all who attended the youth centre weekend in Carlingford. The group met with partner group from Drogheda and began to investigate the topic of ‘differences’ in our community.

We look forward to seeing their work in the months ahead.

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Inspection Report 2013


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During tonight’s cookery the members of the youth centre made homemade Potato and Leek Soup. Here as follows is the recipe the young members used


2 Onions



2 Vegetable Stock and Cubes

Salt and Pepper


Add stock cubes to boiling water and stir until dissolved

Chop onion into fine pieces

Chop leek and potato into small pieces, wash well

Pour stock into saucepan and add leek, potato and onion

Add a little salt and pepper

Put on a medium heat and simmer for 20-25mins

Allow to cool slightly and blend until smooth

Serve with bread rolls

There will be many photos to come.

We hope you enjoy our recipe!!

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Patrician Youth Centre
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Patrician Youth Centre

The new centre programme will be operational from this Saturday night. We will commence with  a UV Lazer Disco for all young people aged Year 8 (Form 1 upwards)

The rest of our programmes will start for seniors – aged 8 upwards from Tuesday 18th September and for the Primary members the programme will commence at the beginning of October.

The best way to get info will be to contact the Centre staff on 028 44615488

We will also post our programmes on this site over the coming weeks.


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