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Staff Complete PIPS Training

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Well done to all our staff members who competed their PIPS mental health training recently which focussed on suicide awareness.

It’s good to know the staff team are aware of this important matter.

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Great weekend in Carlingford

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Well done to all who attended the youth centre weekend in Carlingford. The group met with partner group from Drogheda and began to investigate the topic of ‘differences’ in our community.

We look forward to seeing their work in the months ahead.

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Inspection Report 2013

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Inspection Report 2013

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Today’s Cookery Class

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During tonight’s cookery the members of the youth centre made homemade Potato and Leek Soup. Here as follows is the recipe the young members used


2 Onions



2 Vegetable Stock and Cubes

Salt and Pepper


Add stock cubes to boiling water and stir until dissolved

Chop onion into fine pieces

Chop leek and potato into small pieces, wash well

Pour stock into saucepan and add leek, potato and onion

Add a little salt and pepper

Put on a medium heat and simmer for 20-25mins

Allow to cool slightly and blend until smooth

Serve with bread rolls

There will be many photos to come.

We hope you enjoy our recipe!!

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New Centre Programme

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Patrician Youth Centre

The new centre programme will be operational from this Saturday night. We will commence with  a UV Lazer Disco for all young people aged Year 8 (Form 1 upwards)

The rest of our programmes will start for seniors – aged 8 upwards from Tuesday 18th September and for the Primary members the programme will commence at the beginning of October.

The best way to get info will be to contact the Centre staff on 028 44615488

We will also post our programmes on this site over the coming weeks.


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Welcome to the Patrician Youth Centre Website

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Please watch this space – brand new website coming soon!


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